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Nationwide a whopping 65% of households surveyed expressed discontent on the process of buying insurance and they feel they have inadequate coverage.  Call/text to get a quick health check.

Home is one of your largest house hold and yet many of us don't pay attention to the risks and the devastating consequences of not addressing these risks.

Your home can be a single family owned, Condo or a rental apartment. Your insurance requirements and the availability of various confusing coverages for various types of homes and rentals can be frustrating.

In addition some of the policies don’t cover damage due to sump pump and sewer backups. If you are renting and if there is a damage to your property due to some leakage from another apartment above  -how is his covered? There are numerous questions around various scenarios that is confusing to us. 

At Insuranceisland with over 40 years of experience serving our customers, we will assess your situation, review your existing policy and advice you on the right amount of coverage you need. 

Call us for a free review. 

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