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eDiscovery & Cloud Infrastructure



 Extract Empower Elevate

Over 80% of corporate data is now unstructured in the form of texts, images, email, audio, Social media and video. . Introviz's innovative platform CURE recognizes patters and contexts and  Extracts and Empowers the human intelligence in this "Tacit Data"

Federal, State Local government solutions


Our team of serial entrepreneurs has been part of multiple successful startups - with vision to generate an idea and translate that in to a full scale commercially available product.  

Our ADI practice is a set of comprehensive solutions backed by partners like IBM, Oracle and AWS technologies, to name a few. Solutions range from web development to ERP solutions. 2M provides leadership in Application Services, combining creativity with proven products and methods, as well as deep technical and business expertise to architect the solutions you need to enhance productivity, realize a higher ROI on your application investments, and keep your customers satisfied.

Whether you want to supplement your in-house development staff during a project or outsource support of all your business applications for the long-term, 2M has the eco-system with partners and comprehensive array of products and services to meet your requirements.

Our value-added proposition is as such: with decades of experience, 2M has created products that are commercially available. 

a) Publishperfect and online portal for Certified Marketing representatives and customers to streamline advertising media workflow.

b) Insuranceisland - an insurance portal with powerful configurable rating systems 

Armed with strategic CIOs, talented engineers who have developed commercial products we are positioned to manage large complex programs for federal agencies. 

Network Infrastructure Management

2M has been providing infrastructure services to our commercial and government agencies for over a decade and has been at the front of cyber security and monitoring and reacting to problems before customer encounters problems

Whether you are large or small, truth is that even the most advanced network technology cannot customize itself. Software comes with install media and Hardware comes with instructions. However neither will customize for optimal dependable operation. 

Our IT optimization practice focuses on security, access policies, continual monitoring and automation. 
Data Analytics

2M has been at the forefront of building data warehouse for our clients - Banking, insurance, retail, federal, state and local government. Our analytical solutions use probabilistic models and ability to scale your data warehouse as your business needs changes.

In addition to working with legacy systems users must be liberated to work with structured and unstructured data and the data types they chose in a language they are familiar with. 

Unstructured data has grown rapidly and today it amounts to over 70% of our customers data. Our ability to process and provide insights in to unstructured data - Social media, texts, video, email etc. is unparalleled in the industry. 

Our platform VizInitel is architected on an AI platform. VizIntel has machine learning capabilities to extract meaningful information from your data that is unparalleled.

Financial Management

We have executed over 15 financial management contracts in this decade at financial institutions, Insurance companies, federal, state and local agencies (DOT, FAA, HUD Pension funds etc. ) 

Our firm is uniquely equipped with talent that typically gravitates towards large blue chip corporations. We have some of the finest CIOs and partner CFOs who provide sophisticated growth and cost cutting solutions.  Federal agencies are facing headwinds amid soaring deficits, reduced tax revenues and demand for investments on new technology and processes.

2M's financial management services and solutions help federal agencies implement systems, processes, data collection methods, analysis, audit and validation procedures, and internal controls. This helps ensure that the financial information collected and reported is accurate, complete, and timely. Our application integration team with expertise in data analytics, integration along with our CFO advisory partners are unparalleled resources to our clients. 
Program Management

2M's program management is an extension of our CIO practice that has been in our DNA. Our CIOs will over see multiple projects to make an impact on organization's performance. Whether it is network, security, application or financial management our CIOs with broad base experience will power your PMO office. We have created PMO offices and managed multiple complex programs for large companies. 

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