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Over 65% don't think have right coverage.
80% are worried if their claim will be honored.
87% think they are overpaying on their insurance!
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Insuranceisland helps businesses and households to buy the best insurance product at the right price

Our capabilities in insurance stretches from mid 90s. We started as a technology firm helping insurance companies (such as Allstate, Nationwide, Statefarm, American Family to name a few) to optimize their underwriting and rating systems. 

Impressed by our insurance knowledge Allstate asked us to start an insurance agency in Northern Virginia. We built two Agencies (auto, home and commercial insurance), from zero to 3000 customers in less than 10 years and sold the business. 

So why are we back in this business?

We have seen first hand the agony a household goes through to purchase insurance for their home and auto - not to mention the commercial insurance dilemma faced by small businesses.

There are numerous websites that offer comparative quotes, best insurance, lowest insurance etc. - just to lure you in to submitting your information. Then comes the stream of calls and emails from agents all around asking for further information etc. Then you receive several confusing quotes making the comparison practically impossible. That is why over 65% of surveyed have wrong coverage or over paying on insurance

We want to make the buying process easy for our customers! 

How do we do this?

We have developed a unique model and process that will match you to the right coverage at the right price. This was drawn from technology experience.  

If we can't save you money or if we feel you have the right product we will be happy to let you know to gain your trust.   
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