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Over 65% don't think have right coverage.
80% are worried if their claim will be honored.
87% think they are overpaying on their insurance!
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About Us

Our mission is to redefine the insurance buying process that is so cumbersome and confusing and to help the customers to get the right product at the right price

There are a plethora of websites offering free comparative quotes, lowes quotes and best etc. etc. They want your to enter your information and the next thing -- Your inbox gets flooded and phone starts ringing. Agents from all over the area reach out offering their services. In the end you get proposals from several agents - confusing coverages and pricing options. 

The truth is you have more of a risk of picking the wrong options. Survey indicates that over 65% of insurance buyers face this dilemma. 

Insuranceisland draws its decades of experience serving Insurance companies. We have developed rating systems that insurance companies such as Allstate, Nationwide, Statefarm, Progressive - used to optimize and improve their efficiencies. 

Now for consumers we have developed a process and technique to identify the best carrier, product and right price. No more confusing coverages and pricing. If your current policy is the right one - our agents will let you know right away. Trust is important to us!
We are uniquely positioned to identify the best carrier for you and provide you the right product at right price. We are primarily focused on providing

a) Auto, Home, umbrella insurance for individuals and families 
b) Commercial insurance for small to midsize businesses. 

Talk to one of our specialists and within 10 minutes we will give you our assessment. Perhaps you have the right coverage and the right price and no need to change!