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Risk Management Solutions for Insurance Carriers


Every insurance carrier dreams of reducing underwriting costs and loss ratios. Risk Management is a key to achieving these desired results. InsuranceIsland offers cutting-edge technology and an optimal solution designed to impact your bottom line.

  • Imagine at your fingertips real-time access to operator profiles of your policyholders. We provide real-time access through our national database of MVR, Credit, Criminal, Bankruptcy, Civil Judgments, and much more. Through a sophisticated interface, we merge your policy data and provide crucial reports to your Risk Management team.

  • Pre-qualifying has been only a dream until recently. Again, InsuranceIsland delivers tools to the carriers to pre-qualify and make informed decisions. InsuranceIsland can provide you the necessary data or integrate with your existing process so that you can lower your cost.

  • As your underwriters enter customer data, our innovative technology can pre-fill your forms with relevant fields. You let us know the fields you need and just let our system fill them in. Again, the goal is to cut costs

  • Want to identify your poorly performing segments? One of the best methods to reduce your cost is using our tool to monitor policies against MVRs. Our products can aid in understanding your underwriting profitability and help you make critical decisions.

Here are some of the data solutions that are available:

  • Pre-employment Credit Reports

  • Online Criminal Court Records

  • Arrest and Booking Records

  • Inmate and Criminal Records

  • Driving Records

  • County Court Searches

  • Statewide Criminal Searches

  • SSN Verification

  • Credit Reports

  • Pre-employment Credit Reports

  • Worker's Compensation Records

  • Professional Licenses

  • National People Searches

InsuranceIsland technology is guaranteed to lower your losses and underwriting costs.

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