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QUILT means Quality Insurance Transactions and it is stitching together disconnected insurance system processes and implementing an insurance industry communications standard. With QUILT, the InsuranceIsland infrastructure will enable both carriers and independent agencies to not only share data, but to also process real-time insurance transactions, such as quotes, renewals, New Business and other electronic communication.


Eliminate Barriers

Until now, the interface between independent agents and carriers has been US Mail, Fax and/or telephone a model of inefficiency. These processes amounted to lost time and increased expenses.


The largest amount of interaction within the insurance transaction occurs between the time the agent submits the data and the time the customer is issued a policy. It is not uncommon to see a gestation period of over 100 days.


We have used our insurance knowledge and our experience developing quoting systems, agency management systems, and policy and claims management systems to create the most efficient process. Such a process is intended to eliminate the frustration between the carriers, agents and the customer the insured. Industry analysts quote, "Quilt really epitomizes the process of stitching together a set of inefficient insurance processes."



  • Agents and carriers can use an Internet browser to conduct every phase of their business together, from rating to underwriting to billing.

  • Carriers no longer need to inform and continually update agents on their continually changing rules of business. Agents can now bid farewell to all those different systems for different carriers, thus eliminating multiple systems and processes.


Efficient Integration Delivering Quality Service

Insurance agencies are constantly challenged to share data with carriers when the need arises. Agents often deal with dissimilar systems and processes; just examine the complexity of rolling over a policy from one carrier to the other. This need arises continually as customers' requirements and rates change. Again, QUILT allows carriers' existing systems to extend out to agencies in a true, distributed processing environment.

  1. An agent launches an Internet browser, enters data just once and automatically receives rates from any number of carriers. This is all real-time!

  2. A carrier receives any number of queries for rates from any number of agents and automatically responds to these agents with rates. This is also within seconds!

  3. T he selected policy is automatically rated, underwritten and billed within moments.

Until QUILT emerged, this was only a dream. Now it is reality and QUILT enables technology so that costs are eliminated and efficiencies are gained.


QUILT brings the insurance industry up to Internet speed, while ensuring an efficiency and service that is unparalleled.


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