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Physical security provisions at service facility & Security provisions & practices at service facility (Physical / workstations / equipment / etc.)


  • All our facilities have 24/7 security guards and are well trained to work with local law enforcement authorities. All our buildings have security systems and the security codes are available only to handful of people.

  • Any computers / laptops have to be checked in for visitors and validated before they leave the premises. 

  • External hard disks / memory sticks etc. cannot be attached to internal machines at the call center. Our network center monitors all the desktops for any such activity.

  • Constant review of security policy

  • Each resource signs an enforceable non-disclosure agreement for the client to whom he/she is assigned

  • Formal disaster recovery plans have been established, and each center can leverage another center should a disaster occur.

  • Daily backup and offsite storage at US and India locations

  • Firewalls & intrusion detection systems to protect all locations

  • Encrypted links (direct point to point) between centers

  • We have the ability to define individual subnets by client and project

  • Authentication servers (implemented via Cisco router, CheckPoint etc.)

  • Virus protection - Norton, Trend Officescan

  • Security monitoring tools

  • Physical security - swipe cards, magnetic scanners, diskless PCs, etc.

  • High-speed IPLC connectivity links our offshore centers to our U.S. customers.

  • Isolated network - restricted messaging system, restrictions on mail attachments

  • High-speed video teleconferencing systems link all centers to U.S. customers

We ensure that comprehensive data and infrastructure security policies and procedures are in place. Specific areas of coverage include compliance, system development, communications management and asset classification controls.


The employee and applicant pre-employment screening process at Insuranceisland consists of four steps:


1. Verification of educational and professional qualifications

2. Verification of employment history

3. Public record searches

4. Aptitude testing


A third-party agency will use number of public databases to aggregate regulatory, criminal and compliance information from around the region and the world. These may include enhanced “due diligence” database systems that incorporate all the major international proscribed lists (such as Office of Foreign Assets Control, FBI,  demographics. Court data, UN and terrorism lists), as well as regional databases such as Asian Fraud and Corruption, Asian Money Laundering, Asian Fraud Risk and Asian Stolen Passports.


This approach mitigates the risks that exist due to the inaccessibility and inadequacy of centralized criminal record databases in many parts of the world. These checks provide the necessary information to eliminate potential fraudsters and criminals who might join the company and gain access to any sensitive client data.

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