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Madhavan Chakravarthi
President and CEO


Mr. Chakravarthi has decades of intense Insurance business technology experience and is the founder of 2M Software Associates, an Information Technology consulting firm founded in 1991.Today, 2M Software Associates has a broad list of clients and has recently successfully expanded into Washington, DC.

Prior to launching 2M, Madhavan was Manager of Technology Services at Alltel Incorporation and Manager at Progressive Insurance in Cleveland, OH. During his tenure at Progressive, Madhavan directed the Progressive e-commerce operation in 1990. Madhavan was directly responsible for the creation of Progressive's quoting application on the Internet, which is touted as a pioneer in launching commercial e-commerce sites.

Under Madhavan's direction, 2M Software Associates launched PublishPerfect.com, an Internet trade exchange for publishers, Certified Marketing Representatives (CMRs), and large advertisers. This e-commerce site streamlines the directory management process and reduces significant costs for CMRs and large advertisers.

In 2002, 2M launched www.InsuranceIsland.com, a suite of products and services for insurance carriers and agents.


Madhavan graduated from Case Western Reserve University with an MS in Computer Science. Prior to that, he graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Kharagpur, India.


Pramod Banavar
Vice President, Business Development


Mr. Banavar has over five years of experience in operations, project management and web applications development--almost all with government projects. Pramod comes with seasoned business and marketing experience and is at the helm of 2M's marketing efforts. He is based in Washington, DC.


Malan Chakravarthi
Director, Insurance Operations


Ms. Chakravarthi has over 14 years of extensive insurance business and technology experience. Prior to 2M Software Associates, Malan was employed at Progressive Insurance as a Senior Analyst responsible for pricing strategies, market basket analysis, Risk Management, policy management and underwriting. In addition, Malan was directly responsible for the creation of the agency automation workbench--a sophisticated, intelligent tool that takes underwriting rules as input and generates rating modules for legacy systems.

Malan is directly responsible for creating AgentHut (www.agenthut.com), an insurance agency which sells auto, home, business and life insurance products. In addition, she is a licensed insurance agent. Malan is currently consulting with several insurance companies on Campaign Management and measurements, customer contact, agency management, underwriting and policy management.


Malan graduated with an MS in Computer Science from Case Western Reserve University.


Sridevi Parthasarathy
Manager, Insurance BPO


Ms. Parthasarathy is a licensed insurance agent with tremendous experience in marketing, sales, underwriting and risk management. Sri has several years of agency management experience and is acclaimed as one of the top notch producers in Northern Virginia. To wit, she has been recognized for several awards, most recently as the "best producer to improve agency cross sales effort", ranked first among over 500 peer producers.

Using InsuranceIsland’s sophisticated cross-selling heuristics, Sri has been instrumental in providing the highest level of service to agencies and carriers.


Sri is an MBA from the Pamplin School of Business at Virginia Tech.


Alba Sorto
Agency Manager


Ms. Sorto is a licensed, multi-lingual (English and Spanish) insurance agent with impressive agency operation experience. She has mastered agency operations, risk management and underwriting processes and is one of the top producers in the DC Metro area. Alba has consulted with agencies that have achieved several awards as a result of her direct efforts in precision sales strategies, cross selling, and business process reengineering.


Deb Roy
Director of Technology


Mr. Roy has a broad array of technology experience and has been contributed to several large scale product development initiatives. Deb has steered several Insurance companies and prior to InsuranceIsland, he was instrumental for helming E-Policy’s technology platform initiative. In addition, Deb spearheads InsuranceIsland's strategic initiatives and tailors the technology platform for optimal performance.

He has consulted at Liberty Mutual, Fannie Mae, Albertsons, and Sainsbury's on large, time-critical enterprise projects. He has also had extensive OOA and development experience and successfully delivered several rule-based Insurance domain products and solutions. He has worked on every RBMS tool and framework over numerous platforms and databases and is at the forefront with any new advances in the JSR and Insurance product front.


Deb has presented several papers on IEE, WEC, and heuristic and BRML-based intelligent systems. Further, he worked on numerous rate algorithm-based business intelligence products being developed in collaboration with Repsol YPF and Mathworks at UNAM.


Deb holds a B-Tech (Hons.) in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Kharagpur, India.

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