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InsuranceIsland has pioneered in to Insurance BPO services for the US & European insurance industry using our global delivery model.

With a strong blend of licensed insurance agents, former insurance executives, underwriters and actuaries we stand unique in delivering industry best practice solutions to our customers.

Our solutions are geared to reduce your Combined Operating Ratio (COR) and transfer your fixed cost in to variable component gaining tremendous operating efficiency.

InsuranceIsland has built a reputation on delivering value-added services for insurance carriers and agencies while incorporating unparalleled optimization in the insurance marketplace. InsuranceIsland has been providing consulting services for over a decade and the founders of InsuranceIsland have worked at various levels in the insurance industry. In addition, there are over 100 staff analysts and licensed agents with significant experience in Agency Operations, Underwriting, Risk Management, Rating and Tracking.

Insurance companies across the world are looking at ways to reduce cost and improve the quality of service to their customers and marketing business partners. Having reached a saturation point in effective cost management, most are now changing the way in which some of their business processes are managed by outsourcing processes.

Recognizing this trend, InsuranceIsland has pioneered the outsourcing of business processes in the insurance industry. Our track record for completing large-scale and complex transactions underscores our commitment to provide ‘world-class service’ through continuous process improvements in a cost effective manner. Our focus on quality allows us to streamline processes, decrease turnaround time, and reduce costs, thereby increasing productivity and profitability for our clients.

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Differentiators for InsuranceIsland BPO Services

Domain Expertise in Insurance

Being a leader in the insurance applications development business as well as operating several insurance agencies in the United States, InsuranceIsland has a deep understanding of the complex relationships between insurance processes. Applications developed by InsuranceIsland are used by some of the insurance powerhouses such as Allstate, Titan, and Bristol West, to name a few.

Strong Compliance and Controllership

Since we understand insurance regulations and the need for strict adherence to norms, we have a dedicated compliance and legal team that supports insurance processes in InsuranceIsland. Our agents as well as our workforce in India comply with all regulations and norms in the United States.

Robust Training Program

InsuranceIsland recognizes the need for a detailed training program for its workforce in order to execute complex insurance transactions with utmost efficiency; our insurance agents have been trained in the United States for obtaining their licenses. In addition, the company founders have frequent training sessions with the workforce to ensure that they have full knowledge of the insurance subject matter.

Our Facilities

Our facility in Cleveland, OH has over 6000 sq. ft. of space with a data center that boasts cutting edge technology for providing support to our customers. Our Washington, DC location provides corporate sales support and our facility in Chennai, India is comprised of people trained in insurance underwriting, agency management, and policy management, thereby adding to our global delivery model. Our training center, InsUniversity, provides training to BPO aspirant candidates; InsUniversity instructors are insurance agents and insurance domain experts from the United States.

India Advantage

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