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Announcing powerful underwriting solution for Personal and Commercial lines

Every Insurance carrier dreams of an optimized underwriting and rating solution that is comprehensive and able to deliver results in this competitive segment. The underwriting process is complex, amplified by the number of parameters and the dependencies among them. Yes, there is no standardization of these variables or how they relate to one another.


However, InsuranceIsland, through decades of experience and research, has developed proprietary software called “InsWrite”. InsWrite was developed during Masters thesis research by one of the founders of InsuranceIsland. InsWrite provides simple rule-based interface to configure the carriers’ acceptable values for underwriting parameters.


Once configured with carrier specific information and some customization, InsWrite will assist you in evaluating the risk using your underwriting rules, so that the risk is accurately priced, or rejected. The system implements sophisticated feed back controls – allowing resubmission of data, additional parameters as requested etc.


InsWrite allows carriers to enforce underwriting guidelines for agents – limit coverage values, disallow addition of drivers etc. The quotes can be routed to home office underwriters based on certain risk criteria.



  • Secured login and access control

  • Define underwriting rules, edits and rate factors (date sensitive)

  • Real time analyzer that recommends and implements rules

  • Implements complex driver assignment logic

  • Maintain risk assessment rules

  • Shrink rate revision and implementation times and lower your cost

  • Ease of installation and customization

  • Driver Assignment tier logic

Harness the power of insurance experts, agents and technology from InsuranceIsland.


InsWrite is a comprehensive solution with an integrated rating engine - InsRate. Carriers have the choice of using their existing rating system or customize the InsRate with rates and factors.

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