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With deep industry experience and innovation we have created value for our customers in the area of underwriting,Risk Management and Rating systems. Our clients use these technologies to improve customer satisfaction, lower underwriting and operating cost.


Our technology platform & solutions are tailored for insurance carriers, MGAs and agencies, drawn from our deep
insurance industry experience. Our solutions optimize your underwriting costs and achieve summit level performance.

Underwriting &Risk Management



Managing risk is among the top 5 significant priorities in the corporate America among insurance carriers.
The lack of tools, technology and processes are placing a lot of burden on underwriters, Risk managers and executives across the industry. Our technology solutions take a holistic approach to manage risk.


Risk Management is the chief factor in improving the Combined Operating Ratio (COR) of an insurance company. When a carrier achieves higher level of customer retention, the benefits are higher COR.

InsAudit is an innovative solution that implants cutting edge technology and sound marketing and risk management principles drawn from deep insurance industry experience.

Policy Services



Quoting, rating and issuing policies to fulfill customer requests has been a set of clustered processes until web technologies came in to the 1990s.


Our founders coined web based insurance policy quoting and issuance early as 1989 when corporate America was circumspect about the Internet.

Market Intelligence



Every insurance carrier would like to gain the “first mover advantage” in a new market. Identifying new market is never been easier. New housing developments, retail spaces in suburbs are planned years ahead and the first mover can position to capture the market


InsMarket allows you to gain knowledge about new market opportunities.

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