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InsuranceIsland has the largest number of public records for your insurance underwriting and Risk Management

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Every insurance carrier dreams of reducing underwriting costs and loss ratios. Risk Management is a key to achieving these desired results. InsuranceIsland offers proven best practices and cutting-edge technology designed to impact your bottom line. Our risk management approach integrates customers’ underwriting rules, our knowledge and experience to the prospect. We provide advice on the risks and provide support your underwriting and risk management group. From making site visits for risk assessment to verification using an array of public records listed below we bring in tremendous value to your risk management group.

  • MVR

  • Pre-employment Credit Reports

  • Online Criminal Court Records

  • Arrest and Booking Records

  • Inmate and Criminal Records

  • Driving Records

  • County Court Searches

  • Statewide Criminal Searches

  • SSN Verification

  • Credit Reports

  • Pre-employment Credit Reports

  • Worker's Compensation Records

  • Professional Licenses

  • National People Searches


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