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Announcing powerful rating solution for Personal and Commercial lines

Every Insurance carrier dreams of an optimized underwriting and rating solution that is comprehensive and able to deliver results in this competitive segment. The rating process is complex, amplified by the number of parameters and the dependencies among them. More often changing rating structure takes considerable time and effort causing companies to loose competitiveness in the market share.


However, InsuranceIsland, through decades of experience and research, has developed proprietary software called "InsRate". InsRate was developed during Masters thesis research by one of the founders of InsuranceIsland. InsRate provides simple rule-based interface to configure the carriers' acceptable values for rating factors without any changes to the software programs. Our technology platform is carefully architected to implement changes to the rating factors measured in hours and days.


Once configured with carrier specific information and some customization, InsRate will provide you and your producers a powerful interface to implant your rating structure, so that the risk is accurately priced. The system implements sophisticated feed back controls allowing resubmission of data, additional parameters as requested etc.


InsRate when combined with QUILT can integrate with any carrier rating system providing a seamless interface to the agents.


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