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RISK MANAGEMENT – Premium Leaks exceed 9%

How many miles driven by insured?

Who else is driving the insured Car?

Where is the auto garaged?

The demographic landscape of the US is going through unprecedented changes and is constantly shifting the market, culture, buying habits, insurance risk and much more. As this demographic shift integrates in our society – extended families, changes in commuting patterns, garaging habits and additional drivers – the insurance industry has to device strategies to deal with these risk parameters.


P&C Insurance industry is going through significant price pressures cutting in to their premium growth & profitability. Tighter underwriting and risk management philosophies are the only cure in the short term and must be adopted as long term strategies.


At insuranceisland we have been at the forefront of these issues and have developed very innovative, simple and effective solutions.




This is the most significant contributor to “premium leaks” over 4% and costing the insurance industry billions of dollars. Our solutions are geared to recover more than 90% of the leak with in the first renewal cycle!


Our Process is efficient, proven and repeatable. We follow these three simple steps

Analytics, Customer contact and Process (ACP)


The analytics step of the ACP uses RiskStrobe our technology platform to generate reports to understand your client profile and design a strategy.  During this phase we will work very closely with your underwriting and product management team and will have several discussions related to targeted segments.


Once we identify and develop Mileage Risk Map (MRP) we will discuss with you about our Customer Contact process of the ACP. This second step is a crucial step that is tailored to specific segments to achieve a very high success rate.


WHO ARE THE OPERATORS? During New business the agent assigns drivers based on information gathered at that time. However as time progresses there are hidden drivers – close relatives in extended families such as grand parents, cousins and others. Perhaps a teenager has just got his / her license! Often insurers find out about these drivers a little too late.


Our simple ACP methodology outlined before is guaranteed to deliver results. Our analytics will provide clear insights in to premium leak in dollars due to this factor and provide you a breakdown on the next steps providing you a return on Investment that is unparalleled in the industry. RiskStrobe combined with our Insurance Processing Center (IPC) is the cure for detecting premium leaks.


WHERE IS THE VEHICLE GARAGED?  Various industry research places this as one of the top three factors for premium leaks. The demographic transformation we are going through is brewing this problem and this risk is expected to be dominant in the next ten years.


Insuranceisland has the most comprehensive external data sources -- House hold information – age, sex, DOB etc., crime index, public records, and much more to fuse and generate alerts. For detailed information of RiskStrobe please review our technology brochure about RiskStrobe. RiskStrobe is a detection engine developed by our analysts and Professor Dr. Rotenstreich. RiskStrobe is based on SaTScan and Data mining techniques. 


Insurance Processing Center (IPC) is our call center to provide end-to-end service to our insurance clients. IPC is staffed with experienced licensed insurance agents, underwriters and CSRs. Our people are direct extension of your operation with deep experience in P&C insurance.                                                                                        


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