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Powerful Marketing Solution for Insurance Carriers InsMarket

Market research is critical to the pricing, underwriting and selling of Personal and Commercial insurance products. While InsAudit analysis provides a vivid frame of market segments and their performance, there is a growing need to identify high performing market segments and risks associated with location. First mover advantage is unprecedented -Insurance carriers must position to new target markets as new real estate improvements occur in various counties across the United States.


InsMarket is a powerful solution that harnesses our decades of marketing and insurance experience and combine with county property data, location information, risks and demographics to provide a comprehensive analysis for insurance carriers. The blend of county data and cognitive component is an unparalleled solution aimed to give carriers advantage over their competition.


Improving loss ratios and retaining customers are two most critical objectives of insurance companies.


Key attributes:

  • Maintain parcel data county wide - projected retail, residential and commercial building growth. The system should allow reports by zip code, county and ownership of parcels (builders, investors etc.).

  • Provide estimates of property values based on builders or information collected through interviews or actual data.

  • Sophisticated, easy to access and generate reports on-line by easy to use controls (web interface).

  • Tabular and graphical presentation of past history of builders by zip code.

  • Periodic (monthly or quarterly) updates to the database with current information or triggered by sale of parcels etc.

  • Track retail space growth - strong correlation to residential growth!

  • Aerial photograph and relevant data related to coastal areas so that underwriting can study erosion data, claims history based on hurricanes etc. and enable predictability for the future.

  • Enhance the database with Claims history - by builders, county and Zip codes.


With InsMarket your company will gain first mover advantage over the competition. Therefore InsMarket is not available to more than one carrier for any specific location.

  • Increase sales

  • Well informed Risk Management using location data

  • Targeted marketing

  • Lower Underwriting cost

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