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InsuranceIsland was formed by insurance executives, insurance agents and technocrats to redefine the insurance industry by providing an array of business process and outsourcing solutions. We operate insurance agencies and consult with insurance carriers in the US on Underwriting, Risk Management, Agency operations, policy maintenance, Marketing and leads management.


Our vast experience in Agency operation, consulting, Project Management embracing PMI methodologies has allowed us to offer a plethora of insurance business services.


Our customers include Allstate, Nationwide, Titan, Victoria, State Farm, Progressive Insurance, and Farm Bureau to name a few.


Founded in 2000 as a subsidiary of a software company, 2M Software Associates, InsuranceIsland has been at the forefront of offering superior automation to Insurance carriers and agencies.



Our people are a set of carefully selected highly qualified individuals. We encourage innovation and empower our staff to make decisions. Each of our technical and management staff possesses at least five years experience; 90 percent of our employees have undergraduate degrees and 75 percent have advanced degrees. We foster strong knowledge transfer through our Lunch ín Learn sessions, business and technical forums with selected employees as speakers on Insurance, underwriting, compliance and automation.


Our facility in Cleveland, OH has over 6000 sq. ft. of space with a data center with cutting edge technology providing support to our customers. Our Washington, DC location provides corporate sales support and our facility in Chennai, India has people trained in insurance underwriting, agency management, policy management adding to our global delivery model. Our training center, InsUniversity, sprawling across the Indian subcontinent landscape, prepares BPO aspirant candidates for the next century. InsUniversity instructors are insurance agents and insurance domain experts from the US to influx knowledge workers in India.

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