Ravi Kulkarni

Why do so many insurance agents claim they are going to save you money – offering you 10 – 15% discounts. Insurance is state regulated and there are numerous regulations stiffing the agent to get creative about offering discounts, change rates etc that is normally possible in the sale of other products and services. Unfortunately the agents hands are pretty much locked up!. Yes let me repeat – your agent had absolutely no control over the price of the insurance product you are buying – the carrier controls it. 

So when an insurance agent call you offering to lower your price you should know it is a lie! An astute insurance agent can work with you and identify discounts you might have missed. Did you just turn senior? Did your son turn 26? If you are with a captive agent (one carrier) — well you are out of luck. Insuranceisland used to be a captive agency for 10 years. 

Besides our founders were instrumental in optimizing carrier rating systems and helping them to sell insurance. We know how the carrier rating systems work. 


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